Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Lost Man Mo Store

I'm sure you all noticed this worn out and unreadable sign when stepping out of the Yan Tin Apartments at the start of the quest to find a store that has Man Mo in it's name.

But did you know that there is a readable version of the sign, pointing to a lost Man Mo store?

There is another one of those signs at the end of the street, near the Wise Men's Quarter.
It's in the same sorry state and sadly also unreadable.

This could be just another thing to add detail to the living and breathing world of Shenmue II.
The Shenmue games are known to have stuff that's not accessible, out of order or simply doesn't have a purpouse. After all this adds realism. Not everything is of use in real life, right?
There are also some Man Mo Stores that are completely closed to further aid this feeling.

But this here is clearly a case where the developers scrapped a Man Mo store and hid the evidence by making its sign unreadable. A clever approach over just removing it completely.
It's simpler to just replace a texture and it also has the benefit of creating a little mystery.

Lucky for us (and bad for them if you like to think so) they left the original texture in the game and in use. And it's not too much out of the way to find it either. While inside the Yan Tin Apartments it's almost possible to read different versions of the signs on the fence through the glass door.
But to get a really good look, you gotta be a little more sneaky...

There it is, the "Man Mo Travel Co." clearly visible by going into the preloaded area in front of the building by using the map glitch or by removing the clipping to just walk through.
Sadly the preloaded area is not large enough to get a look at the other sign I mentioned earlier. Also note that the herb shop has a slightly different name here too. 

This makes me believe that there is indeed a lost Man Mo store, something that had to be cut.
It's always bad when this sort of thing happens in video games but I think this is a greater loss than the average one. Shenmue had not just one but two travel agencies in Dobuita. 
So it would make sense that there would be at least one in Shenmue II somewhere, given that the game is so much larger than it's predecessor.


I think a travel agency would've definaltly been a great addition to the Wan Chai area and maybe even extra ones for Aberdeen and Kowloon. It's definately a type that is missing among the vast selection of available stores in the game.