Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year, New Design

It's a new year so why not bring a bit of fresh new paint to renovate the place!

Presenting a new logo and a different font for the blog title, to give it a bit more identitiy.

It's not that I got sick of the old logo with the Shenmue-title-esque design but that shape mimicing the sword handguard that was sent to me sparked the interest to make something new.

I gives a great new spin to the Hazuki family crest. Quite literal as the two holes representing the stars are now stylized Spindashes harking back to my affection for Sonic the Hedgehog, wich was already represented by the blue color and well... the name BlueMue itself.

Speaking of blue, some adjustments to the shades I use have been made and there is now even more blue overall. Some might say that it's too much, but I just say, from a third person perspective: "It's not you when there's not enough blue"

Stay tuned for new posts and videos!